Ma pizza

ma  pizza !!!!!!!!!!! Pour notre projet dans la classe de français,nous avons fait un projet canva sur notre pizza prépfée.Ma pizza préférée c’est avec du olive. Ici est mon présontasion  Merci


natural and artificial light sources Hello world! Today I am going to talk about light we first did natural and artificial light sources. Close your eyes and imagine life with out light. What are some different sources of light. Natural light is light that is not man-made.The sunlight is natural light. Artificial light is light that… Read more Light


Habitats Hello world! Today I am going to talk about Habitats. We have been studying/learning about habitats in Science. There are a lot of different kind of habitats they are  woodland ,ocean, savana, coralleaf. Click her for my Canva about Habitats did you know Both the red fox and gray fox are omnivorous? Today I… Read more habitats